Social & special events

Chef Den Lim culinary

SF, Pampanga

Photos of our visit to Chef Den Lim Culinary in San Fernando, Pampanga after our trip to Don Honorio State University last April, 2023.

Salute to a Clean Flag Ceremony

The National Parks Development Committee conducts a monthly Stop and Salute Flag Raising Ceremony. This month's program was dedicated to women's role in history.

The ZCMFI 2020-2022 President and Salute to a Clean Flag honoree Lourdes "Nene" Pe-Lim acceptance speech (read out in this video by Grace Basilio-Soong) is highlighted in this video. 

2022 1st f2f meeting

Our first face-to-face general membership meeting was also a birthday celebration for Minerva Tanseco and Nila Mata. Hosted by Minerva Tanseco, it was held on July 18, 2022.

Attendees (in alphabetical order):

Baby de Jesus

Baby Perez-Sison

Daisy "Zoe" Serrano

Daisy Arce

Gina Geraldez

Lulu Castaneda

Mina Gabor

Minerva Tanseco

Nila Mata

Nonie Basilio

Patty Jalbuena

Tess Herbosa

The table’s ready for Japanese lunch after the meeting- Sukiyaki as soup, whole poached pink salmon with caviar truffle sauce & rissotto, singapore chicken scallions, ebi tempura, tofu steak, butataki pork, , 5 cakes!!! la tasca bibinkang latik & for the diabetics- cheesy fruit salad!

After 2 1/2 yrs, A VERY HAPPY 1st face to face ZONTA Manila I meeting at their XXXXXXXXXXXX “clubhouse”! 

Seated L-R Nonie Basilio, Mina Gabor, Daisy Arce, Baby Perez Sison,Gina Geraldez & Lulu Castañeda.

Standing L-R Minerva Tanseco,Nila Mata, Daisy Serrano, Baby de Jesus, Patty Jalbuena & Tess Herbosa.

At the head of the table, covered by the Taiwan long stemmed roses( which Minerva packed & had Daisy & Patty bring home for their altar) are Noni & Patty! Should have warned them to stick their heads out!

That’s MINA’s secretary at the back side table, with Lulu’s yaya.

No one wanted to transfer to  the chairs for the formal meeting at the other end, only wanted chatting at the sala! - missed each other so!

But still finally had a very productive meeting right there, with assorted sushi-s, scallops & shrimp sushibake, cheeses, drinks & all!

Area 1 Presidents Lunch Meeting

AD Noni Pulhin’s birthday celebration on July 9, 2022 at Crowne Plaza Hotel served as a first getting-to-know presidents social event.

As a bonding and visioning exercise, AD Noni asked each of us to draw/sketch what Zonta means to us and then to explain it in words. 

From Left Pres. Gisela Conception, Pres. Cristina Gomez, Pres. Rori Cruz, Pres. Julie Choy, Pres. Liezel Ramirez, Pres. Rose Lim, IPP Shirley Pinto ,AD Noni Pulhin, VP Glenda Venzuela, IPP Gilda Padua, PPDolly Castillo, Pres. Liza Rodriguez, Pres. Jonnah Estrella , Pres. Tita Ochoa,  Pres. Peachy De Leon

Seminar and Birthday Celebration, 2013

Photos to the left were taken during a seminar held in Alabang, followed by a Zonta Club fellowship during Gina Geraldez's birthday celebration in 2013.