Tondo Kiddie School

Thanks to the generous donation of VP Ruby Amog, the children, teacher and parents of the Tondo Kiddie School were treated to a field trip at the National Museum of Natural History on March 23, 2023.  They were accompanied by Zonta Manila 1 members Gisela Concepcion and Mel Reyes. Thanks also to Anatess Oracion who prepared the Field Trip permission form, freeing Zonta Manila 1 of any liability and Letty Calma who prepared their snacks of delicious sandwiches. 

In previous years, the children visited the Mind Museum and treated to a world class performance of Barbie at the Mall of Asia.

It was trully a rewarding afternoon, with the children enthusiastically going through the exhibit room. Their eyes were wide open at the spectacle before them.

Our first contribution to District 17-Area 1-Zonta International's request to Share/Tell a Story. Presented at the Area 1 President's meeting on Feb. 2, 2023.

Updated report 11/9/2022: Gisela Concepcion and Grace Basilio-Soong visited the Tondo Kiddie Class. They witnessed the teacher, Luz Ignacio in action. She was teaching her students to write and differentiate the vowel sounds A-E-I-O-U. She used international words such as abaniko (Spanish), envelope (English) and ibon (Filipino) as first-letter vowel word examples.

There were 6 parents in attendance. Three were outside the classroom and three were inside assisting the teacher.

(Photos above) Tondo Kiddie School fumigation before August 30th class opening, sponsored by PP Nene Pe Lim thru the courtesy of Tondo Barangay Chairman Leo.

The video above was made from photos and videos taken during the October 27, 2022 UN Day Celebration. Zonta Manila 1 attendees were Grace Basilio-Soong, Gina Geraldez and Felicidad Umandap.

This is the first UN Day Celebration after the 2020-2022 Pandemic.

The video above was made from photos taken during the school blessing on August 3, 2022.

The video above was made from photos taken on October 24, 2019 during the Tondo Kiddie Class - U.N. Day celebration.  Zonta Manila 1 members who attended the event were Gina, Hena, Corito, Cynthia and Fely.

This was our second to last official visit to our Tondo pre-school; after that, the pandemic hit and official lockdown was on MARCH 15, 2020.

What was truly unique was that the costumes were made by  parents, relatives and friends or craftsmen in Tondo and not store bought.

Updated report 8/24/2022: Kiddie classes began on Tuesday, Aug. 30, for school year 2022-2023 with 30 students split between 2 sections. Classes are Monday to Friday for approximately 4 months. Pres. Giselle visited the Center on Fri., Aug. 26 at 11 a.m. for the Parent's orientation activity.

Prime movers of this project are PP Nene Pe-Lim, Zenas Lozada, Sol Dizon, Letty Calma and PDG Baby Sison.