Rajah Plus Project

On November 8, Gisela Concepcion, Grace Basilio-Soong, Cynthia Cruz and Socorro Llamas visited Rajah Soliman Science and Technology High School (RSSTHS) in Binondo Manila.

They were met by newly appointed Principal, Raffy V. Cabballes and staff:  Vivian B Intatano (Grade 7 Curriculum Chairperson and Head Teacher of the Science Department); Mylene Q Silva (Grade 8 Curriculum Chairperson and a Head Teacher of the Filipino Department), Eleazar G Quiambao (Grade 9 Curriculum Chairperson and Head Teacher of the MAPEH Department), and Marites B Macababbad (Grade 10 Curriculum Chairperson and Head Teacher AP Department)

The 30 recipients of Zonta Manila 1's scholarship fund were all from the 9th grade "regular" high school program. RSSTHS has an "accelerated" high school program for students who passed an entrance exam and had excellent academic standing in the elementary school.

RSSTHS is a public school. It accepts all students regardless of academic standing or financial status. This year, according to Principal Cabballes, there is a huge increase in enrollment at RSSTHS from students coming from the private sector.

The basis for choosing the 30 Zonta Manila 1 recipients are: 1) they do not receive financial aid from other sources, and 2) they were recommended by their 9th grade advisor and curriculum chairman, Eleazar G Quiambao.

Giselle also donated some science equipment and books to the school, which the students enthusiastically examined.

Pres. Giselle signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Principal Raffy,  indicating that Zonta Manila 1 Foundation is donating 500 pesos a month for 10 months to 30 students. However, we added 1,000 as Christmas Cheer. Therefore, each student received P6,000 each.

Zonta member Cynthia Cruz treated us to a delicious meal of patatim, steamed shrimp, hot and sour soup, sauteed green veggies, mango-almond and shrimp fried rice at President Grand Palace, in Binondo. Thank you, Cynthia Cruz for the wonderful meal!

Video on the left was created from  a PowerPoint Presentation created by the staff and students of Rajah Soliman High School, highlighting the student activities in relation to Zonta's ideals. The PP was presented to the visiting Zonta members on Nov. 8.

On Friday, Aug. 26 at 9 a.m., Corito, Malou and Pres. Giselle will be at Rajah School to meet with the school’s adviser of the scholarship committee. They will interview some Grade 10 students to know how Zonta Manila 1's financial support helped them during the pandemic. Lead members here are Corito Llamas, Cynthia Cruz, Fely Umandap and Baby De Jesus.