Young Mothers

As an offshoot of Fr. Ben Nebres’ family feeding program through the Ateneo Centre for Educational Development Program (ACED) is the Support Food and "Future" for 300 Young Mothers.

Fr. Ben Nebres never tires to advocate that failure to address hunger, malnutrition and lack of education among our youth will greatly impact our country's future.

Donate Php30,000 a year for a mother and child until the mother completes her schooling or training and finds a job or source of livelihood. Based on our initial talks with Dr. Mel Oracion, Program Director, most young mothers are between Grade 9 or 10 and would need to complete Senior High School and vocational training. Support for this program, or for one young mother, would be for a minimum of about 3 years. One could team up with another Zonta member to support one mother. Fr. Ben and Dr. Mel encourage introducing the mothers to their respective donors.

Currently, Manila 1 has given ACED Php30,000 to sponsor (1) young mother for a year. Our incoming President Giselle has also sponsored (2) young mothers in the name of our club.

Prepared by Girlie Pe

ZONTA Beneficiaries Update as of July 2023:

Eden Alimanguhan

• Eden is an active recipient of the weekly food pack.

• She just finished Grade 11 with distinct honors.

• According to Eden, her son Chester, can now identify colors, kinds of animals, and count numbers. She and her partner are planning to enroll him in the Daycare Center this coming school year.

Top photo: Eden during the school recognition ceremony. 

Bottom photo: One of the weeks when Eden and received food pack. 

Shaine Adora

• Like Eden, Shaine actively claims her food pack weekly.

• She just recently graduated Senior High School in Southeast-Asia Institute of Trade and Technology.

• Shaine is planning to take up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development Management in Colegio de Montalban this coming school year.

• She is thankful for the food packs that she receives that help lessen their daily expenses. Her daughter Kate Ashley is now comfortable eating her meals with various vegetables that are included in the food packs

Top photo: Shaine with her daughter Kate Ashley in one of the food pack issuances. 

Bottom photo: Shaine with her mom during her graduation ceremony

Jhoannalyn Jaramilla

Jhoannalyn volunteered to lead and help in the distribution of the food packs weekly.

• She successfully finished her 1st year second semester for her course Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Immaculada Concepcion 

College in Caloocan City.

• We were able to provide financial assistance worth Php 7,100.00 for her tuition fee and miscellaneous expenses.

• She is thankful for the food packs that she regularly receives. She observed that her daughter Rheanna is healthier than before.

Top photo on the left: Photo taken after accompanying her settle her fees in school.  

Middle photo on the left: Jhoannalyn, daughter Rheanna and the vegetables that they received. 

Bottom photo on the left: Jhoannalyn’s thank you letter to ZONTA 

Bottom photo: Copy of Jhoannalyn’s tuition fee, miscellaneous expenses ORs that ZONTA sponsored and her 2nd semester grades 

Some of the photos of the food pack items that ZONTA beneficiaries usually receive: 

Note: Yhasmine Bombales, one of the four ZONTA beneficiaries, is no longer active and discontinued communicating since March, 2023 without expressing her reason